Melanie Pfänder is a evidential based Psychic Medium. When you have suffered losses in connection with the death of a loved one, Melanie unites you with the Souls you love and miss. Melanie communicates respectful and high esteem. She uses her ability to communicate directly with these souls. She is constantly bringing validations that our loved ones are still aware of our live. It takes more than knowing that they are doing well on the other side. Your loved ones know exactly what message you need today to make tomorrow easier for you. Her ability to communicate with depardet Loved Ones, is always oriented on details. Start your connection and sharing of loving messages today.

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Melanie Pfänder is a serious and credible member of the 


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To communicate with the death is for Melanie a natural prozess. Since the age of 8 she hears, feels and see the spirits. 

A Reading with Psychic Medium Melanie is a real live experiance. She always prioritized that a Person feels they Loved Ones on their very own loving and peacefull way, during a Reading. 

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All mediums are Psychics, but not all
Psychics are Mediums. 
As a Psychic Melanie is able to tune into the energy of the person during a Reading.


You need to make important decisions in your live und need the right tools? 


When you work with Melanie you will get insights and guidance for your life, such as relationships with your family and friends, your career, finances an more.


You´ll get also Informations about your past, present and future based on validation from Spirits. 

As a Medium Melanie is able to tune into the energy of a person who crossed over. The Spirits clearing her own personal thougts, feelings and emotions and replaced them with the energy of the spirits from the other side, to deliver powerful messages.

This means that she will provide facts about your loved ones she could not have known. There are examples such as specific events, special activities, dates, namens how they passed on and more. You will realize that it is your beloved person which is conneting to Melanie. She will first focus on the Soul which steps vorward. After that she will provide validations that she communicates with your loved One and will deliver the powerful Message, for a better life.